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「Flourishing」---- Meaning the image of luxuriant, tender, growing grass that resembles the state in which I create works of art. 

    All creative concepts originated from my hometown, where every story of my life including personal memories to taste preference, being a pet owner to plant grower, forming collecting habit to the spirit of imagination are noted in my works.

    In “Thoreau's Country: Journey through a Transformed Landscape”, David R. Foster wrote that men only believe to “embark on a journey” when they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. However, he questions why one cannot start their journey at home. Or do men have to make the effort to travel afar just to find novel things? 


    When creative ideas are born from our everyday life and we learn to discover our daily surroundings, it can be a source to enrich human mind.

In order to deal with different qualities of living beings, I try to change their forms by adopting the pharming method used in botany, to match my imagination and combine with those that are not existent in reality. Then, make the effort to change the structure of the actual world and mix into a different material to produce new vision effect as well as meaning. 


    Through imagination, I recombine and create a new mixture of living things like plants with animals and available items with plants. To expand the concept of “coexisting with nature”, one starts to experience the real world, use daily items and combine materials into non-existent things that can demonstrate diverse biosphere. The combination of human imagination and nature can be quite interesting and simple.


    As for creating woodcut paintings, I indulge (or addict) to every knife- cutting, the contrasting colors in oil painting, the beat of a scroll till its complete. For me, each step is a consistent and gradual self-training. I tend to create subtle change of colors and carefully build serenity but with liveliness to bring out the vitality of animals and plants in my paintings, so that the audience may gather a warm and comfortable feeling. This form of colors is a completely new attempt that is different from what is stressed in traditional woodcut paintings.


    My works are influenced by small surrounding scenery and feelings. Yet, I hope this kind of sensation can gradually expand, spread so that every person who sees my work can find peace in their heart. That is happiness to me. Similar to Henri Matisse’s expectation for Art, he wrote that his impression of Art is balance, pure, serene, with no restless or depressed theme in it. This kind of art can comfort all people, whether they are writers or clerks. It also allows people to rest and regain their strength, like sitting on ‘the chair of euthanasia’, which I seek to achieve in my art pieces.

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